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I have searched on internet what I can do by myself and what won't cost me a fortune. A first thing a have tried were headbands and that worked out well I think. I must say I enjoy creating these cute little headbands, it's even a bit addictive.  I managed to create quite nice  collections :-)

headbands2headbands2 Headband1Headband1 The next logical step was to make a hat.  I love knitted hats but first I had to learn how to knit from YouTube tutorials.  I did a few and they were alright, but seriously…I am very slow at this so far and  I do not have the time to spend a few hours on one piece. I also tired felting and created some curly layers matching my hats, a bit easier and less time consuming :-) I'm hoping to create some more of them! I also found many tutorials  how to make a bonnets and I gave it a go and made these gorgeous pieces! HatsHats bonnetsbonnets


I started seeing a few photographers using “upcycled” props and I fell in love in that idea.  Don’t get me wrong though… I won’t stop buying headbands and knitted hats, but I think I came up with a way to cut down my expenses on some props and  also woke up my hunger of creating.  The last time I tried to use a  sewing machine I was very little girl, maybe 7 years old. So obviously I didn't remember to much how to sew. I had to ask my older sister to help me out  a bit :-) We have created many newborn hats, pants and rompers. There is a few in use :-)

in usein use in use 3in use 3 in use2in use2 I really  must say this! I love MR GOOGLE :-) It really helped me to create nice collection of props at low cost. And I can say that creativeness like this is therapeutic and pretty much relaxing :-)

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Outdoor portrait session, Cambridge. I provide a variety of portrait studio sessions ranging from maternity, newborn sessions to small families. However, I’ve recently decided to start offering outdoor sessions. This is because there’s no studio backdrop which can look as beautiful as natural settings combined with great natural light. To get the best of the natural light these sessions take usually place in the early mornings and late afternoons to evening, because of the most beautiful light.

I was very lucky to photograph this absolutely gorgeous girl that made my photography session an absolute joy.

On this session I took advantage of the beautiful evening sunshine and a natural outdoor setting of a Milton based park, which provided beautiful natural backdrops to our images. I produced some photographs of a lovely young lady who positively shone in front of the camera. I think you’ll agree that both, the model and images, are simply beautiful!

I’m conducting more of these sessions now. Get in touch if you’d like an outdoor session in Cambridge and around.

Let me introduce you Sophia at 6 years old.

children outddor photo sessionchildren outddor photo session session on location Cambridgesession on location Cambridge child outdoor portraitchild outdoor portrait children outdoor session Cambridgechildren outdoor session Cambridge portrait session on location Cambridgeportrait session on location Cambridge child portraiture Cambridgechild portraiture Cambridge children fine art portraitchildren fine art portrait
outdoor photographer Cambridgeoutdoor photographer Cambridge 33

outdoor portraitoutdoor portrait

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Niamh-Marie's newborn session, Cambridge  

Newborn sessions are absolutely my favourite ones!!! Creating all these memories for parents is my biggest reward for this job! Niamh- Marie was 18 days new during her newborn session with Lil'Ones Photography by M. Gancarz. She was one of the most co-coperating babies I have ever photographed. I managed to create so many lovely pictures for Jasmine and Kevin. I hope to see this gorgeous little girl on her next big milestone session!

Here is a video with full gallery from this session. Enjoy!




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Naked truth behind the price of  Newborn Photography Naked truth behind the price of  Newborn Photography


We live in a digital age where everyone has digital camera,  we can simply  upload our photos to a local lab website and get them even few hours later.  We hear this all the time – How in the world do professional photographers charge for example £50 for an 8×10 when they cost just around  £1 at the local lab?

I agree that photography is expensive. But it is expensive on both ends.Photographers don't really earn a few hundreds £££ an hour for pushing the button.  

Let's have  a closer look why does newborn photography cost what it costs and what you are really getting when you pay for a professional photographer.

It is hard to say why one photographer charges a certain amount more than another or a certain amount less but there are quite a few factors that go into running a newborn photography business that effect how much a newborn photographer charges.

Lots of people think that newborn session is just snapping a few shots with a really good camera and a couple of props. Let me show you naked truth behind the price on newborn photography.

9lnewborn photographer Cambridge, UK

Newborn photography is an art and well, generally you get what you pay for. A professional newborn photographer invests many years of training and practice to develop their art. Newborn photography isn’t easy. The time put into a newborn photography session is more than those 2-4h you spend with a photographer during the session. There are things that we do before the session like emailing, advertising, planning and setting up the session, and after: sanitising and washing all outfits and props that have been used, cleaning up studio, editing images. All that take quite few hours.


Newborn photographers spend countless hour of trainings. This covers photography, newborn safety and experience with newborns, editing, marketing and business. We invest thousands of  £££ into practical and online courses to get to where we are. The great thing about photography is that there is always more to learn and master so our training is ongoing.


As more experienced a newborn photographer is, as more likely they are to charge their worth as generally the more experienced a newborn photographer is, the better they are! Newborn photography is kind of photography that you need to be trained for by professionals.  I have heard many people that say their friend has a good camera so they will take some pictures of their newborn. A “good camera” is not enough. Handling and posing your few days new baby required a lots of knowledge and  experience  to make sure your baby is safe at all times. A friend most likely does not know how to safely put the baby in those lovely poses they saw on internet, and that many newborn poses are done in composite images (where hands are photoshopped out of the images and safely on baby at all times). An experienced newborn photographer knows how to pose a newborn efficiently, safely and carefully.

Studio costs

Having a studio also effects the newborn session costs. Studio rent is very expensive. I work in my home studio, so it's a bit cheaper because I don't pay rent, but still have to pay  bills for electricity, water or gas that I use for my business. For those photographer who do sessions in clients home they need to add around 2-3h for packing all equipment to the car, time for travelling and fuel cost.


In order to take good quality pictures, a newborn photographer has to have high-quality equipment like a full-frame camera, various lenses, lighting, computer.


To create newborn images newborn photographers invest in high-quality props. Many of these props are handmade and crafted by artists on with the finest quality materials. That's why they cost quite a bit. Some of them need be to replace if they been  soiled, broken.

newborn in a basket photonewborn in a basket

Photos retouching and editing software

After 3-4 hrs of your newborn session your session is over only for you and still continues for photographer. First we need to copy all images to the computer, then narrow down the quantity of images to edit for the gallery (15-30 images) and at last do all editing. All together around 10h or more of working.

Editing newborn skin is very time consuming as newborn skin can be red, blotchy, spotty and flakey!

Editing photos isn’t cheap. For professional photo editing  photographers need a high-end display that will show the image just like it will print out. So we have to  invest in very expensive computer equipment (including external hard drives to back up those photos), and like cameras, they have to be replaced every few years.

Photoshop or Lightroom  are another essentials for photography business. The professional software used by photographers is not cheap either.

Insurance and taxes

Like every bussiness we have to pay Self-employed taxes, health insurance, liability and gear insurance.

Session time

Newborn photography sessions are a game of patience. A good session runs anywhere between 2 and 4 hours. 

Creativity and talent

You cannot put a price on the creativity of the photographer. Newborn photography at this level is ART. The concepts for poses and props are photographer's  imagination and adaptability.

Advertising and marketing

Many individuals forget that a newborn photographer like any other business needs advertising to be seen by the public. Some newborn photographers invest large amounts in advertising.

Online galleries and images storage

Many photographer provide for their clients Private Online Galleries for them to view their images. These services do not come free. Professionals photographers do not erase  images after completed order. They keep them on file for a while in case clients need new copies etc. Some of them use online services which are not free.

Website and marketing

This area of the business can vary with cost however website design, development and maintenance is an ongoing cost to every photographer. We are always having to be on the cutting edge of marketing and jumping into the latest social media.


I hope this article give you a real insight into the breakdown of costs behind high quality Newborn Photographers prices. We are looking to give you the best quality product for your money. Please keep these thoughts in mind as you view newborn photographers' pricing. Spending good money on your newborn photos is a real investment. I'm sure you will treasure these images for many years.


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My photography- before and after the image editing Today I wanted to share some before and after photos from my archives to show how much work it takes to create the pictures my clients receive. The photographer's job never  ends with the click of a button. It's not even where it begins. It's just a midway point in creative process of producing a final photograph.

As a home studio photographer I struggle quite often with a space limitations.  The most common editing issue for me is a background. As you can see in SOOC (strait out of camera) picture a part of a background is missing. Sometimes it's an easy fix, and the other time it's a very time consuming job.

_DSC0531sooc_DSC0531sooc _DSC0531after_DSC0531after

I specialise in newborn photography and must say that the most retouching process is done on the baby's skin. When I open the picture I can see red blotchy skin, purple/grey feet, jaundice, flaky skin etc. I fix those issues in Photoshop as they are not so apparent in real life. 



DSC_8525soocDSC_8525sooc 6afterlola6afterlola


As a photographer I want my images to be perfect that's why I will always correct some details that are distracting me when I look at the picture like these wrinkles on a backdrop or little girl’s stitches under the nose as parents asked me to remove it.


_DSC1140after_DSC1140after _DSC1249SOOC_DSC1249SOOC _DSC1249after_DSC1249after

Working with the little ones is like a challenge, they are not patient models and obviously won't listen our instructions how to pose etc.   That's why sometime I need to compose two different pictures in one.


And sometimes I play with the picture to make it look like I want it or simply change the colour, as it is a boy and I don't have any other colour of floati that would work  with a baby boy:-)

_DSC1268sooc_DSC1268sooc _DSC1268after_DSC1268after

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Newborn photo session- answers for the most frequent questions. Newborn photo session- answers for the most frequent questions.



I absolutely love to photograph newborn babies! It is such a privilege to capture those moments that parents will treasure for a lifetime.

It takes a lot of patience and knowledge but the reward is just worth it – stunning portraits of an amazing new life.

Those adorable pictures of babies  in the newborn poses can only happen within the first couple of weeks of  their lives. They still so tiny to fit in parents hands, all those baskets and buckets.




What's the ideal age for a newborn session?


 Newborn session should ideally take place when your little one is under 14 days old. Babies sleep very deeply at this early stage and are still able to maintain that lovely, tight curly position they held when lying safely in the womb. After two weeks babies start stretching legs and arms and are not able to curl up for the  most of the poses. They also don't sleep so deeply what's essential for some of the poses, especially in props like buckets.

What's the best time to book a newborn session?


It is never too early to book a session, most people tend to book  just after their 20 week scan. I will then add you to my schedule, usually a week after your due date. As soon as you are able, after having your baby you can contact me to confirm the date or to reschedule if needed, especially if the baby arrives earlier or later. 




How long does a session take?


A newborn session can take 2-4 hours. I know it seems like a long time, but I work around the baby’s needs, and most of that time is spent feeding,  nappy changing, cuddling to help sooth and settle the baby. Getting the baby in the pose takes a few minutes as well. 


What do you do to make sure the baby is comfortable? 


The first and the most important is to keep room very warm. At this stage newborns don't regulate body temperature yet and it's recommended to warm up the studio to 26-28 Celsius degrees. I have also a space heater next to the baby. I will play white noise or heartbeat sounds, which usually calms babies and keeps them asleep.

I never force the babies into a pose they are uncomfortable in,  I photograph them in the poses they seem to be happy in.




What are the safety precautions used during a newborn session?


Having a spotter is the most important thing during the session. Usually I ask one of the parents to sit next to the baby and watch the baby, especially while I'm doing other things. It is essential for composite pictures like potato sack or froggy pose to have someone to support the baby's head or whole body. Weighting the props so baby doesn't tip over and get hurt. I use a very big beanbag which was designed specifically for newborn photography. Also everything I use for the session like blankets, headband and outfits are washed between every session, I also use hand sanitizer all the time during the shoot.


What should your baby wear to a newborn session?


Most of the newborn pictures are done naked to show all those tiny features, fingers and toes.  For some photos they will be swaddled in a wrap, sometimes I will use newborn outfits from my collection. So you don't need to worry about clothing.




Is there anything else I should bring to a shoot?


You may bring a pacifier, extra diapers and wipes, extra formula or bottles if you are not breastfeeding. You may pose for some pictures with naked baby so a change of clothes for yourself and daddy may be helpful, in case if baby will go to toilet. 

You may also bring any special blankets or toys that you want included in the photos.


What do you do when the baby goes to the toilet during the shoot?


Props and blankets get peed and pooped on quite often during the newborn sessions. It's not a big deal, I just change them and keep going. All of them will be washed after the session. 





What's the worst thing parents can do during a session? 

The worst thing a parent can do is be nervous. If the baby is crying, you have to trust the photographer to comfort the baby. Continuously swooping in and handing the baby back and forth can make an infant even more distressed. I know it's not easy but my advice is to try relax and let the photographer do all the job they've been trained for.


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My first blog post- Lil'Ones Photography by M.Gancarz, newborn photographer Cambridge Photography has been a hobby of mine for over 10 years. In the beginning I was photographing landscapes, architecture and everything else. I was a little bit afraid to photograph  people, till  both my sisters and lots of friends becomes mothers and they wanted me to take some photos of their babies!

I was a bit nervous but I loved the idea of capturing such a huge stage in a persons life. Becoming a parent is such a life-changing experience. Everything changes!

The first newborn I photographed was a 3 weeks old boy, my friend's first baby and at this time I didn't have any idea about newborn photography.  I  just went to my friends and  I did few simple portraits like these:

newborn babyboynewborn babyboyGOSIA little feetlittle feetGOSIA newbornphotonewbornphotoGOSIA

It turned out it's not easy at all and when I came back home I sat down at the computer to find out what exactly a newborn photography is.  And then I saw all these beautiful newborn images and just felt in love in them!!! I decided quickly that this is I want to do. I took it very seriously and decided to get some training from the basics first and this how I ended up at Russ Jackson studio in London. I felt that the Newborn Photography Workshop was what I needed to start.

It was such an amazing day.

Russ taught us so much. We covered:

  • parent preparation

  • styling and setting up the session

  • camera techniques

  • lighting

  • soothing baby

  • posing baby safely

  • marketing

  • editing


Not only did I learn a lot that day, I met some wonderfully talented people. We have all kept in contact and support each other wherever we can.


After that training  my obsession with newborn photography grew. I started  to search and learn  everything about it. I did take another newborn workshops about posing and newborn safety before I started practicing on newborns of friends and started advertising for newborn models so I could practice more.

Although parents were happy with their images, I always felt I could do better so I still continue to learn more light techniques and new poses.


This is a latest session with Milena



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