Newborn photo session- answers for the most frequent questions.

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Newborn photo session- answers for the most frequent questions.



I absolutely love to photograph newborn babies! It is such a privilege to capture those moments that parents will treasure for a lifetime.

It takes a lot of patience and knowledge but the reward is just worth it – stunning portraits of an amazing new life.

Those adorable pictures of babies  in the newborn poses can only happen within the first couple of weeks of  their lives. They still so tiny to fit in parents hands, all those baskets and buckets.




What's the ideal age for a newborn session?


 Newborn session should ideally take place when your little one is under 14 days old. Babies sleep very deeply at this early stage and are still able to maintain that lovely, tight curly position they held when lying safely in the womb. After two weeks babies start stretching legs and arms and are not able to curl up for the  most of the poses. They also don't sleep so deeply what's essential for some of the poses, especially in props like buckets.

What's the best time to book a newborn session?


It is never too early to book a session, most people tend to book  just after their 20 week scan. I will then add you to my schedule, usually a week after your due date. As soon as you are able, after having your baby you can contact me to confirm the date or to reschedule if needed, especially if the baby arrives earlier or later. 




How long does a session take?


A newborn session can take 2-4 hours. I know it seems like a long time, but I work around the baby’s needs, and most of that time is spent feeding,  nappy changing, cuddling to help sooth and settle the baby. Getting the baby in the pose takes a few minutes as well. 


What do you do to make sure the baby is comfortable? 


The first and the most important is to keep room very warm. At this stage newborns don't regulate body temperature yet and it's recommended to warm up the studio to 26-28 Celsius degrees. I have also a space heater next to the baby. I will play white noise or heartbeat sounds, which usually calms babies and keeps them asleep.

I never force the babies into a pose they are uncomfortable in,  I photograph them in the poses they seem to be happy in.




What are the safety precautions used during a newborn session?


Having a spotter is the most important thing during the session. Usually I ask one of the parents to sit next to the baby and watch the baby, especially while I'm doing other things. It is essential for composite pictures like potato sack or froggy pose to have someone to support the baby's head or whole body. Weighting the props so baby doesn't tip over and get hurt. I use a very big beanbag which was designed specifically for newborn photography. Also everything I use for the session like blankets, headband and outfits are washed between every session, I also use hand sanitizer all the time during the shoot.


What should your baby wear to a newborn session?


Most of the newborn pictures are done naked to show all those tiny features, fingers and toes.  For some photos they will be swaddled in a wrap, sometimes I will use newborn outfits from my collection. So you don't need to worry about clothing.




Is there anything else I should bring to a shoot?


You may bring a pacifier, extra diapers and wipes, extra formula or bottles if you are not breastfeeding. You may pose for some pictures with naked baby so a change of clothes for yourself and daddy may be helpful, in case if baby will go to toilet. 

You may also bring any special blankets or toys that you want included in the photos.


What do you do when the baby goes to the toilet during the shoot?


Props and blankets get peed and pooped on quite often during the newborn sessions. It's not a big deal, I just change them and keep going. All of them will be washed after the session. 





What's the worst thing parents can do during a session? 

The worst thing a parent can do is be nervous. If the baby is crying, you have to trust the photographer to comfort the baby. Continuously swooping in and handing the baby back and forth can make an infant even more distressed. I know it's not easy but my advice is to try relax and let the photographer do all the job they've been trained for.



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